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Our Vision & Mission

According to Wound Australia, chronic wounds are Australia`s hidden epidemic and each year $3B is spent on medicare patients alone. The top three problems in this largely preventable epidemic are: inaccurate manual wound measurements, inaccurate records, wound assessments and timely SmartHeal allows you to take a no touch photo with your phone camera and provides you an automatic accurate wound measurement. SmartHeal also assists you in making automatic wound assessments – red, dry, too moist, possible infection – hence providing you that opportunity for a timely referral. It also provides you automatic dressing suggestions hence taking the guess work out.

Why SmartHeal

SmartHeal is a wound care platform simplifying wound care. It allows you to take high quality wound photos, store and review right at the patient bedside. It also allows you to share the wound data remotely and healthcare professionals to amend and add to that data from anywhere. It provides automatic accurate wound measurements saving you time, labour and money. It also provides automatic assessments of the wound – redness, moisture, too dry, possible infection hence providing you opportunity for a timely referral. It also provides dressing recommendations from its extensive database of dressings taking the guess work out. SmartHeal is the unavoidable future of wounds!

Our technology helps clinician save time,
labour and money allowing them to focus
time where it matters.

From measuring
wound manually
Researching best
To Precised
AI application


Oct, 2020
SmartHeal Born
March, 2021
Business Planning Completed
Dec, 2021
Prototyping Completed
August, 2022
MVP Developed

Meet the team

Santosh Kaur

Founder & CEO

Tal Ellis


Melinda Brooks


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